<strong>Bob Thompson</strong>
Bob Thompson

Senior Pastor
[email protected]

<strong>Loni Sadler</strong>
Loni Sadler

Administrative Ministry Assistant
(405) 794-5432  
[email protected] 

<strong>Bill Sisk</strong>
Bill Sisk

 Facilities Administrator
 [email protected]

<strong>Ken Kniskern</strong>
Ken Kniskern

 Associate Pastor of Worship
 [email protected]

<strong>Rick Brunner</strong>
Rick Brunner

 Associate Pastor of Children
 [email protected]

<strong>Brandon Mata</strong>
Brandon Mata

Interim – Associate Pastor of Students
[email protected]

<strong>Ron Ellis</strong>
Ron Ellis

Chairman of Deacons
[email protected]

<strong>Robert Plumlee</strong>
Robert Plumlee

 Director of Missions
 [email protected]
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