Children’s Ministry

Raising kids in this world today is one of the most challenging and difficult assignments. Amen? We know that we are imperfect people with our own issues so how in the world does God expect us to raise these wonderful human beings in a world with so much evil and moral iniquity?


Here’s what the Bible says


“He answered: Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind; and your neighbor as yourself.” Luke 10:27


By loving God with all that we are and all that we have, we learn to see with His eyes, feel with His heart and respond with His love. By teaching our kids to love God in this way and to love people, everything in our lives will flow from that love as we point this community, this world to a life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ.


We’re so excited to come along side all of you as we pursue a heart and a lifestyle that loves God and loves people.


Join Pastor Rick Brunner and the leadership team as we run this crazy race as we grow and learn – TOGETHER! So how do we begin to train up a culture that lives out their faith in their daily lives? We start with the basics. LOVE. Love God and love people.





Sunday Mornings at 9:15– Sunday School

Every Sunday morning, our Sunday School department is full of teachers who are ready and eager with age appropriate lessons and activities especially for your child. Are classes are broken up by age and grade groups, from bed babies to 6th grade. Parents or guardians of bed babies to pre-schoolers will check in at the pre-school check-in desk upon arrival. 1st – 6th grade will go to their classes through the children’s hall. After Sunday School is over, kindergarten-5th grade are escorted to worship to meet up with their parent/guardian for a few minutes until we dismiss for 10:27Kidz Worship. Towards the end of the adult worship time, the kids are brought back into service to their parents.

Sunday Mornings at 10:30– Kidz Worship

At 10:27 KiDz, our kindergarten through 5th graders gather for their own time of worship and God’s word during the adult morning worship experience. We talk about what it means to be a Jesus follower, how to share our faith with others, what God says about serving Him. Kids can make a BIG impact for Jesus in our world.

Sunday Mornings at 10:30– Nursery

Nursery childcare is available on Sunday mornings during our 10:30 worship service for children ages birth to preschool. Parents and guardians will check in at the pre-school check-in desk where you will receive a pick-up tag that matches your child’s. At the end of service, our check-in station team will bring your child to you upon you presenting the pick-up tag at the desk.

Wednesday Nights at 6:15– AWANA Club

(following the Moore School Calendar) 6:15PM – 8PM
AWANA discipleship is for kids ages 2 to 6th grade. Each week, your child will be challenged to memorize Scripture and spiritual truths through Bible teaching and interactive lessons. There’s also a great time of fun and games. Don’t miss this opportunity for your child to learn more about God’s Word!  Learn more about AWANA here!